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About us

SADECOR was born in 2001 as a result of the visionary concerns of its founder, Raúl Becerra, who already had extensive experience in the granite sector since the early nineties.

Throughout his outstanding professional career, he has always sought to remain at the forefront of innovation, participating in specialised trade fairs in the sector and developing exclusive working systems. A prime example of this innovative mindset is the pioneering introduction of blind cutting, a revolutionary technique that has been adopted throughout the industry.


In continuous training and innovation, attending fairs and giving technical advice to new quarries.

Own developments

We develop our own working systems, such as blind cutting, in which we are pioneers.

The constant search for technical excellence has led SADECOR to provide specialised advice.

This personalised and expert approach has enabled SADECOR to establish long-lasting relationships with its customers, based on trust and mutual satisfaction.

Since its beginnings, SADECOR has established itself as an indisputable benchmark in the granite sector, thanks to its commitment to quality, innovation and attention to detail. Their reputation has been built on a solid foundation of experience, technical expertise and a rigorous approach to every project they undertake.

With a vision for the future and a deep understanding of the market, SADECOR continues to push the granite industry to new frontiers. Its team of highly trained professionals works tirelessly to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies, ensuring that its customers always receive the highest quality products and services.

In short, SADECOR is a benchmark in innovation, a strategic partner for quarries and a guarantee of excellence for those seeking superior technical and aesthetic solutions.

With its passion for excellence and dedication to continuous improvement, SADECOR continues to lead the way in the granite sector, leaving a lasting mark on the industry and customer satisfaction.