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Stone, concrete and metal cutting

Our company, which started in the beginning in the commercialisation of diamond wire and machinery, found its niche in the production of stone cuts in quarries due to the customer’s need to extract stone in larger quantities due to the high demand. This is how we began our journey in this type of work, we acquired all the necessary state-of-the-art machinery and all the necessary tools. Over the years we have perfected the technique and developed our own quarry opening technology (BLIND CUT SYSTEM).

We are very pleased to be able to assist our clients in the opening of quarries, quarry work and in the training of their personnel when required.

Our clients have been recommending us and this is how we started working for large-scale construction companies, carrying out a wide range of jobs, from rock cutting to reinforced concrete cutting, without neglecting small developers and private individuals.

In addition, at SADECOR we prioritise safety in all our operations. We implement rigorous security measures to protect our team and the working environment.